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Oklahoma State University

Trap Depot

Trap Depot Shed

Need to Trap Cats?

If you wish help fight overpopulation by trapping your own community cats, OCS would love to provide you with our humane traps!

Each trap costs Operation Catnip Stillwater $50 to purchase; therefore, we ask that you leave a deposit check for $50 per trap that you borrow. We will not deposit your payment unless the traps are not returned within 1 week after the clinic. Stillwater residents are exempt from this policy, but are subject to a visit from animal control if traps are not returned by the due date.

Please register your cats prior to picking up your traps! Please fill out our quick reservation request form under our registration tab!

Our Trap Depot is located behind Stillwater Animal Welfare at 1710 S. Main Street near the back parking lot to the left of the building. You will see a tan shed with our sign on it (pictured to the left).

Please remember that each cat MUST come in a safe individual humane wire trap. We will not accept cats in carriers, cardboard boxes, unsafe traps, etc. This is for the safety of our volunteers and to keep our clinic flowing efficiently. We have a numbering system on our traps that ensures cats get back to the right trappers.

The Trap Depot Hours for returning the traps will also be given to you with your discharge instructions at the clinic.

Check-In for the clinic will be between 7:30 and 9:30 the morning of each clinic. You are welcome to bring the cats anytime during this period. Your pick-up time will be given to you at check-in. We base pick up times on when you arrive at the clinic - the first cats to arrive will be the first cats done and will therefore be ready to go home first and so on. However, this can change if the cats have a suspected infectious disease. Any cats that have suspect URI or ringworm will be moved to the end of the line. The clinics are held at the Oklahoma State Veterinary Teaching Hospital, located on the corner of Farm Rd and Western. Signs will be posted during the clinic on Western and Farm Rd. to help direct you