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Oklahoma State University

Registering Cats

Checking-in cats

Operation Catnip's services are for community cats.

Community cats include feral cats, stray and abandoned cats, and interdependent colonies of unowned, free-roaming cats. They occupy our porches, backyards, alleys, barns, and neighborhoods. Without a human address to call home, these “neighborhood cats” form colonies where food and shelter are available.

Feral cats are the offspring of stray or abandoned household pets. Raised without human contact, they avoid people. Because feral cats rarely learn to trust people, most do not make good pets. Even young feral kittens can be difficult to socialize for adoption, and are often ignored by pet rescue groups, or euthanized at animal control facilities.

If you know of community cats or have some living on your property we would love to neuter/spay them, provide them with preventatives for fleas/ticks, and vaccinate them for common diseases that might harm an outdoor cat.

If you believe that you know cat(s) that qualify, then we would be happy to provide this service for you! Please click on the link below to register your colony for our next clinic! If you believe that your cat(s) do not qualify, please refer to our "other spaying/neutering programs" page to see what fits for you!

Our next clinic of the OCS season is January 21st, 2018.


Since our last three clinics have reached maximum registration much earlier than ever before, we’re fundamentally trying to restructure the way we distribute the resources so that Stillwater residents have a better chance of getting spots at each clinic. 


We adore all of our wonderful, selfless caregivers and wish to continue to help out our local communities for years to come. However, we have to be fair to our Stillwater community and acknowledge all of the amazing things the City of Stillwater does for OCS. Our clinic is staffed by Stillwater students and residents, Oklahoma State University donates a large portion of materials and space for our use, and we continue to utilize Stillwater Animal Welfare as an extension of our program. Since we use such a great deal of Stillwater resources, we hope to give even more back to this generous community.


In order to do this, we will open registration for our upcoming clinic on December 15th. Everyone is welcome to register at this time. Stillwater residents will recieve their confirmation emails at this time. Outside residents will have their registration form recorded, but remaining spots for nonresidents will not be filled until January 1st. This means that Stillwater residents have from December 15th - January 1st to sign up and have their spots guaranteed. After January 1st, all nonresidents that have filled out an online form will be given the remaining spots on a first come, first served basis. Outside residents are encouraged to sign up as soon as possible on December 15th to ensure that you are first to fill the remaining spots. I expect to have several spots for outside residents and have already made steps to ensure that larger colonies with fewer resources have access to more non-resident spots. 


The breakdown in registration dates goes like this:


December 15th

-Registration opens and is open to all residents and nonresidents

December 15th – January 1st

-Registration confirmations will be sent to Stillwater Residents only

January 1st – January 19th

-Registration confirmations will be sent to nonstillwater residents on a first come, first served basis

-Stillwater residents are still welcome to register for remaining spots, but will not be given preference over others who have signed up before them


Many of you may be asking why our registration has seemingly become more limited than in years past. As we first began, and even up until one year ago, we could register over 2x the amount of actual spots we had since many trappers were just starting out and were much more ineffective in filling every trap. As our program grows and our trappers become incredibly skilled, our registrations are filled more quickly and each trapper is very good at filling each and every trap. If we took every registration request, that could mean that we would have over 300 or 400 cats in one clinic. Unfortunately, our resources and our volunteers simply cannot handle that number of patients.  


Without more volunteers, we just cannot feasibly open our registration more leniently without risking endangering the cats.We need enough volunteers to accommodate watching 200+ cats in recovery and enough surgeons to ensure cats aren’t under sedation for too long.

We have reached a plateau, for now, in our funding and volunteer turn out, but a surge of demand from our community members learning more about us. We hope to never turn away Stillwater residents, as targeted trapping is proven best for these animals and we use a large majority of Stillwater resources to make each clinic happen. In order to achieve this, we had to make some hard decisions and hope that our friends in the fight for a decrease in overpopulation will understand our concerns and our attempts at solutions.


**Cat registration for our January 2018 clinic will begin several weeks prior to the clinic date.**