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Oklahoma State University

Overview of Clinic Registration

Checking-in cats

Thank you for your interest in our clinic and spaying and neutering! Below you will find a step by step guide on the process to register cats for our clinic.

Step One: What Cats Do We Accept?

Operation Catnip Stillwater only accepts unowned, free-roaming, feral, community cats from Stillwater and surrounding communities. Beginning in 2018, we will be limiting our registrations from addresses outside Stillwater to better serve our Stillwater residents.

What is a feral/community cat?
What areas do we serve?

Step Two: Caregiver Instructions

We require each cat to have a reservation prior to attending our clinic.

We encourage caretakers to review our pre-operative and post-operative instructions

Step Three: Make an Online Caregiver Reservation

Making a reservation to attend our clinic is easy. Registration for each clinic opens several weeks prior to each clinic date. The link below will take you to our Caregiver Sign-up Page were there is an online form to fill out. Remember, each cat needs a registration to attend the clinic

Register Cats Here

Step Four: Trap Cats

Each cat must arrive in a separate trap to the clinic. Traps are available to borrow at our Trap Depot located behind the Stillwater Animal Welfare at 1710 S. Main Street.

For more information please visit our Trap Depot page

Step Five: Clinic

The clinic is held at Oklahoma State Veterinary Hospital. Please follow the signs to the doors on the west side of the building (located by the dumpsters.) It is important that each cat arrives in a separate humane trap. Unfortunately, we cannot accept cats in carriers or cardboard boxes. Check-In for the clinic is between 7:30 and 9:30 the morning of each clinic. You are welcome to bring the cats anytime during this check-in period. Your pick-up time will be given to you at check-in. We base pick up times on when you arrive at the clinic - the first cats to arrive will be the first cats done and will therefore be ready to go home first.

Step Six: Release Cats

Cats will be discharged the afternoon of the clinic - an approximate time will be given to you during check-in. We recommend releasing cats the morning after the clinic to allow for the anesthesia to completely wear off before the cats are returned to their original environments. Please refer to the discharge instructions for further details.

Step Seven: Return Traps

Borrowed traps need to be returned to the Trap Depot following the clinic. Hours for the depot can be found here and are also provided during check-in.