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Oklahoma State University

Areas Served

Beginning in 2018, we will be limiting spots for residents residing outside Stillwater to allow for better service of the residents of Stillwater. Why? Each clinic during the Fall of 2017 has reached maximal capacity and we need to make sure Stillwater residents remain a priority for our services. The Stillwater community and the City of Stillwater provide incredible resources for OCS that allow for each clinic to happen. Our clinic is staffed by Stillwater students and residents, Oklahoma State University donates a large portion of materials and space for our use, and we continue to utilize Stillwater Animal Welfare as an extension of our program. Since we use such a great deal of Stillwater resources, we hope to give back to this generous community even more.

What does this mean for our caretakers? It does not change when you register. When the link opens you should register as normal regardless of residency. However, confirmation emails will only be sent for Stillwater residents during the first two weeks of the registration period. Non-residents will receive a confirmation email several weeks following the opening of the registration period. Confirmations for non-residents will be dependent upon available space. This will allow Stillwater residents to have the first two weeks of the registration period to guarantee their spot at our clinic. Non-residents are encourage to sign-up when the registration opens since non-resident spots are filled on first come, first served basis.

As you may have noticed OCS is becoming more popular! With this popularity our clinics are also becoming busier. Previously, we used to be able to register twice the amount of cats we had available clinic spots for. Now as our program grows and our trappers become more skilled in trapping, our registrations are filled more quickly. We unfortunately are ill-equipped to handle an unlimited number of cats in one clinic.

We appreciate your understanding as we work to better serve Stillwater and the cats that call it home.